What does downtime really cost your business?


Many small and medium sized business owners don’t realize how much seemingly small I.T. issues are costing them. Gartner, Technology research company, has calculated that I.T. issues account for 87 hours a year of lost billable time. These issues range from email glitches to full server interruptions, and for any organization this figure of lost billable time becomes staggering. When an I.T. issue occurs, it is a race against time to handle it before it spirals out of control. According to the IT Process Institute, the resolution time per outage is an average of 200 minutes. On average small and medium sized businesses… Read moreWhat does downtime really cost your business?

Time Warner Compromised


It has been brought to our attention that customers that use Time Warner Road Runner emails (triad.rr.com) may have been compromised. This breach is said to have affected 320,000 Time Warner customers. It is believed to have been done through malware downloaded during phishing attacks. It is recommended by Time Warner and by us to change your Road Runner email password as soon as possible. Again, this only affects those with Road Runner/Time Warner email addresses. Click the following link if you would like more information about the issue: reuters.com As a precaution, you can use our free MyMac app and double check for any malware on your machine. If you do not have… Read moreTime Warner Compromised

Keyboard Shortcuts


On many occasions, we have customers that ask “how did you do that?” while we quickly navigate through a problem or issue. We do things, at times, so quickly that the customer is not able to catch what we did. Whether it is trying to solve a problem quickly or not being in a teaching environment, we sometimes don’t think to show you these shortcuts. It is your lucky day (month). These shortcuts are called Mac keyboard shortcuts. It is usually a combination of the command key with either another single key or multiple keys. So without anymore delay, we’d… Read moreKeyboard Shortcuts