Google’s new amazing collaboration tools

New Collaboration Tools

Google just wrapped up it’s 2017 Next conference where it shared many new products and features. A few stood out to us and our clients:

Team Drives

This new feature allows you to have shared folders accessible by teams, and secured like an on-site file server.

Unlike normal cloud shared folders, these Team Drives are managed by the company not the user.

The benefit of this is files are not lost when someone leaves the company, as well as you can control who can edit/delete/access the files, securing them.

Drive File Stream

When you have hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of storage, you can’t keep all of those files on every employee’s computer. Google’s new Drive File Stream solves this problem. You can see all of your company files without taking up any local storage on your computer.

If you have to leave the office, you can still access the files from any internet connection, or choose certain files to store locally.



Hangouts & Jamboard

Google has made significant upgrades to their Hangouts service. It now rivals/replaces the need for services like Slack, or Skype.

The new hangout allows up to 30 people to join in seconds, sharing video, chat, files and more.

Along with the new Hangouts Google announced Jamboard. A new age whiteboard that allows your to share ideas with your entire team. Watch the video above to see how amazing this is.

These great new collaboration tools we know will help so many of our clients, and are excited to try them out ourselves. For full information you can go to Google’s blog at:

As always Triad Mac is here to help if you have any questions about these any many other ways to increase productivity, collaboration and in turn revenue.