3 Common Security Problems Small Business Don’t Know They Have


Here are three common security problems we see in our work and the strategies we use for keeping our clients’ networks safe. If you run your business on macs, you’ll want to read on.


Problem #1: Improper Network Setup from the Beginning

It’s not uncommon for a business’ IT support to have been trained for work in a PC environment rather than a Mac environment. Therefore, the network solutions recommended are often improper for what a Mac-based business truly needs.

We found this recently with a client that was having file permission issues, internet interruptions and whose emails wouldn’t send regularly or were delayed in being received. Their server was running in a network built for Windows (not Mac), and the network had been internally configured so it would work by disabling all security. To the client’s horror, all employees had access to all files, including highly-sensitive ones.

Our strategy: We immediately fixed their network to close the security vulnerability and be Mac-compatible. And after resolving their internet issues, we worked with the owners and staff to determine appropriate workflows and file backup processes.

All in all, we got this company and its employees back to productivity. Today, the client has no major issues and we are there to assist the staff with questions or technical concerns.


Problem #2: Non-functioning Backups

We’re often called in to help a business diagnose a problem only to deliver shocking news to the business: their backups are not happening. Sometimes a business’ network was never set up for backups. Other times, its server is old, slow or lacks the space to do proper backups.

We’ve seen this a lot with clients lately. Without backups, the potential for loss of important and irreplaceable files is huge.

Our strategy: In a recent situation, we got a call from a company whose server was unresponsive. We showed up to find the company’s last backup was a week old, resulting in a data loss. After getting a quote from a data recovery company for $10,000 and 3-5 weeks to attempt the recovery (no lie!), we implemented our own best practices to recover the data. After 48 hours of effort on the weekend, we were able to save this company’s missing data – and have employees ready for work Monday morning.

We continue to manage the client’s equipment and monitor its server, which is running smoothly with data protection through a raid system as well as on-site and off-site backup.


Problem #3: Outdated Server Hardware

Many businesses are unaware of why their server may be running slow or be out of space. All they know is that it is negatively impacting the productivity of their employees. So unless their IT department can make a recommendation, they are unsure how to resolve this problem.

Often, we get asked to come in to diagnose a productivity problem that a client believes is related to its server. We recently had a client call us about a “slow server” that was impacting its employees’ ability to work on files. We discovered that the server was running out of space, had failing hardware and was being powered by an external drive that was slowing the server down. As a result, the company’s email and work files were not being backed up, opening them up to a huge risk and liability.

Our strategy: This client had workstations and a server running on different operating systems. So after proposing three options to balance a solid fix with the client’s budget limitations, we moved their email off-site, freeing up their server and providing security for this piece of their business. We upgraded all of their workstations’ software and the server set up, repurposed their old server hardware and set up off-site backup as part of their disaster recovery plan, among other things.

Today this client has few issues and a much faster and more secure server. We continue to help them stay up to date and created custom script solutions to keep server speeds normal with the increased amount of work they are now able to do!


If you run your business on macs, keeping your network secure should be one of your biggest technology concerns. But with the right security solutions, you can have peace of mind that your company’s intellectual property is safe and IT problems will be one less thing you have to hear about. As always, if we can help, let us know.