Did You Know? CloudSync vs. iCloud

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We try to ask every Mac customer we come in contact with about having a backup of their computer. An answer we hear a lot is that iCloud is backing up all the content on their computer. There is this misconception among some Apple users that believe iCloud backs up their computer. This is untrue. iCloud does not back up your computer. iCloud is a great tool that does indeed backup your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). It is also very useful in syncing certain things (contacts, calendars, photos, etc.) over to your computer. It is not a true backup of your computer though. We, at Triad Mac, do offer a true cloud-based backup with CloudSync. With CloudSync, you can be sure that things such as your desktop, documents, and pictures are being backed up without you thinking about it. Sign up today for as low as $2.95/month and make sure your important information is backed up safely.

Click the Backup link on our website to lead you to CloudSync.