Triad Mac Offers Expert Care for All Your Apple Product Needs


Article in Forsyth Women Magazine by Meghan Corbett

Those of us lucky enough to have a Mac product, or several scattered throughout our homes as is the case in my household, know that problems are rare. Because these products are so reliable, many of us are not sure what to do when something goes awry or a program needs explanation. Many big cities have large Apple stores where people trained specifically to handle Mac intricacies can handle any problem you throw their way. The Triad area is no large metropolis, but luckily, we still have Apple experts available to us at Triad Mac in Kernersville.

“Triad Mac was started by former Apple employees after they discovered the huge need for on-site support here in the Triad,” said Lead Technician Marko Rivas. “Owner Robert Phelps worked at Apple for more than six years as a trainer, technician and sales specialist. During this time, he was asked too many times, ‘Can I take you home with me?’ Until Triad Mac opened, the answer was unfortunately ‘no.’ Triad Mac’s goal is to help everyone in the Triad get the most out of their Apple technology, and what better way than delivering Apple’s amazing support right to your front door?”

The need for experts who are specifically trained in Mac technology is obvious. “Macs and PCs are vastly different,” said Phelps. “If you have someone work on your Mac who is not Apple certified it will actually void the warranty of your machine. Since Triad Mac specializes in only Mac, and its staff consists of former Apple employees certified in everything Apple, it is the best resource in the Triad for Apple support.”

No matter how big or small your question may be, Triad Mac is happy to help! “Triad Mac offers on-site support for consumers and businesses, as well as repair for Mac, iPhone and iPads,” said Phelps. “Triad Mac now even offers used Macs and setup for new Macs. If you need help getting Apple equipment running in your home or if your business relies on Apple hardware, the certified experts at Triad Mac are your go-to source. Triad Mac offers repair in the retail location in Kernersville with free hardware diagnostics for Macs and drop-off repairs for iPhones and iPads. We also have PC partners that we work with for companies who deploy both Mac and PC products. That way, they get the best of both worlds and technicians certified in both areas of their business.”

There are more than 500 customers in the Triad alone, and Triad Mac’s on-site assistance can be a lifesaver for clients’ business and personal Mac needs. The centralized location in Kernersville makes this on-site service possible. “Kernersville was the best place to be to make sure we could get to our clients throughout the Triad quickly. We wanted Triad Mac to be easy to find, located right off of business 40.”

Above all, the experts at Triad Mac understand the importance of caring for Mac products properly. The investment in an Apple product can be a large one, so it is important they are given the best care available. “Apple products are some of the best in the world,” said Phelps. “You want to make sure you are getting the most out of them. When you first get an Apple product, you want to make sure it is set up right and communicates with all of your other devices. Triad Mac will get you set up and going, making sure you don’t run into frustrating roadblocks. If something ever does go wrong, our friendly staff will make sure it gets fixed right away. The convenience of having someone come to your home or business and make sure everything is working the way you want it to is unparalleled. Having former Apple employees trained and certified in everything Apple gives you the best level of support you could possibly get.”