macOS Sierra


Apple today released MacOS Sierra. This new upgrade will work on 2009 or later MacBooks and iMacs, as well as 2010 or newer MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. Sierra brings a ton of new features including Siri to the Mac. When using iCloud you can now free up space easily by syncing your desktop and document files to your iCloud account. Not all software is compatible at the moment, we recommend you check with third parties like Adobe and Microsoft to make sure all of your software will work prior to upgrading. You can upgrade by… Read moremacOS Sierra

iOS 10


iOS 10 is available September 13th. Messages will be revamped in iOS 10. New features will include animations like balloons, confetti or fireworks that can take over an entire screen to celebrate a special occasion, invisible ink to send a message which is only revealed after a friend swipes over it, and handwritten notes. iOS 10 will automatically suggest emojis that can replace a particular word in a message. Tapback is the new feature which let users respond with a simple tap. Apple is also opening up Messages to developers so they can create apps and other experiences within Messages… Read moreiOS 10

Apple Watch – Series 2


The Apple Watch 2 is official, and it’s waterproof. Or swim-proof, at least. And it’s aiming right at the sports and fitness market. The second-generation model, which is officially called Apple Watch Series 2, adds a faster dual-core processor, improved graphics, a much brighter display, and GPS, which can be used to measure pace, distance and speed when running and biking. But the highlight feature will be the added waterproofing. The new model is water resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet) and can be worn while showering and even swimming. In fact, there are new swim modes designed to… Read moreApple Watch – Series 2

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus


On September 7th, Apple had an event to announce some upcoming and exciting stuff. A lot of people have been anticipating a new iPhone and the arrival of iOS 10. Below is a recap of some things that have come out this week: There were few surprises. As expected, the phone was an iteration on the previous iPhone 6/6s, though with tidier antenna lines and camera bump. The only significant design change was two new colors, in the form of a high-gloss Jet Black and a matte black simply known as … Black. Also as expected, Apple removed the 3.5mm… Read moreiPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Changes are coming, September 20th. Are you ready?


With macOS Sierra due very soon we wanted to shed some light on a few things that comes with any operating system update. While new operating systems bring a slew a great new features it also brings with it a changes. During every upgrade there are two major things al companies should keep in mind before they upgrade. 1. How will this upgrade effect our current workflow? 2. What security changes do we need to be aware of? As in every major change, workflows are going to be effected. Every year third party software manufacturer need to upgrade their software… Read moreChanges are coming, September 20th. Are you ready?

Don’t pay tons of money, use CloudSync instead.

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Without a backup, the average data recovery will cost a person over $1,000. That means if you have zero backups and your hard drive was to die, you will be paying $1,000 at least to get all your pictures, movies, games, apps, and documents recovered and restored. We have seen this happen more than we would like. This is why we offer a service called CloudSync. CloudSync backs up your important data without you thinking about it. For $7.95/month, you have 2TBs of backup storage for up to 8 computers. That is essentially 11 years worth of CloudSync for what a singe data recovery costs. It is a great deal and great… Read moreDon’t pay tons of money, use CloudSync instead.

Triad Mac Article


Article in Forsyth Faimly Magazine by Vonda Henderson The Triad Mac team has been in business providing Apple support (at-home, repair, off-site backup, business IT, and new/used Macs) for over four years. They average about 150 repairs per month. They are Apple-certified specialists in training, repair, and technical support. As stated in their mission statement, “We care about educating, increasing productivity, and giving people peace of mind. We help you get the most out of your Apple technology.” At Triad Mac, looking out for the technical welfare of their customers is of upmost importance. Robert Phelps, President of Triad Mac,… Read moreTriad Mac Article

Do you know the true value of your company’s data?


The ramifications of data loss can be disastrous for many businesses, putting the company at risk of losing customers and profits. While it might be hard to value your business assets and intellectual property, calculating these numbers can put these intangible items into perspective. 60% of companies that lost their data will shut down within 6 months of a disaster. 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for those same ten days, filed for bankruptcy immediately…. Read moreDo you know the true value of your company’s data?


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It is always surprising to learn that a lot of Apple customers have little knowledge of Apple making networking products. Actually, these products are fantastic. Most of us in the Triad area use either TWC or AT&T for internet services. A lot of times, we use those companies equipment (router or modem) without realizing we could actually purchase our own equipment without being charged a leasing fee. Two important things about using your own equipment are: You have ZERO leasing or renting fees to pay to TWC or AT&T In our experience, the Apple equipment just works. It is stable and hardly… Read moreNetworking

Is Your Technology Saving You Time & Money? Why Mac Users Save More Than PC Users

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At TriadMac, we understand that your company’s computers are a fundamental part of your employee’s experience at work. We also understand that time is money and all businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs across the board.  Check out these facts showing the benefits of Mac vs PC: 5% of Mac Users at IBM call the IT Help Desk, while 42% of PC users call for help; and (Source: BGR) Macs tend to be the desired platform and tool among design and creative businesses due to the strength of the applications available for a Mac, versus a PC.  (Source: Computer Weekly) Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the interaction… Read moreIs Your Technology Saving You Time & Money? Why Mac Users Save More Than PC Users