El Capitan


Last week Apple announced the next OS for the Mac, El Capitan will be launched September 30th. This new operating system is amazing adding hundreds of new features. This next operating system adds many new features and security add-ons. El Capitan will help enhance productivity and performance on every Mac.

With this in mind, be careful and do proper research before updating. When Apple releases new operating systems, 3rd party developers such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc… need time to make their software compatible. Also some software that you currently use may no longer be supported. The last thing you would want is to have your team prevented from working due to software issues.

It is also important to upgrade all workstations and servers at the same time. Each iteration of operating system Apple tends to change server protocols to take advantage of the latest security and speed enhancements. Due to this, it is possible to cause issues upgrading some machines and not others, especially servers.

At Triad Mac, we work with our partnered companies to run full compatibility reports on the software they use on a daily basis. If your company is looking to upgrade, let the professional technicians at Triad Mac perform a complimentary RoadMap. This comprehensive 15-point RoadMap gives you a rundown of all your technology and will show you the state of your I.T. as well as also reveal anything that is not compatible with El Capitan.

To learn more about Triad Mac’s RoadMap or to request your complimentary RoadMap Click Below.