Firewalls for Small Businesses

Small Business Firewall

Your business’s firewall is the layer of protection that keeps it safe from outside threats. A quality firewall blocks undesirable incoming traffic while still allowing your business to communicate externally. Does your small business really need a firewall? It’s critical to your overall security and helps keep your business running smoothly. 1. Avoid downtime with a quality firewall. Security threats are growing with every passing year, and many of them can bring your business’s productivity crashing to the ground. For a long time, users believed that Apple products were immune to the bulk of viruses. While it’s true that the same… Read moreFirewalls for Small Businesses

Keeping Apple Computers Safe

Apple Security

The special security risk for MacOS owners is complacency. Macs don’t get successfully attacked as often as Windows computers. This is partly because the OS is built on a solid Unix base, but it’s also that Macs are a smaller target. Relative obscurity doesn’t guarantee safety. The Mac has the advantage that Apple controls not just the software but the whole package. This makes it less likely that computers will come with malware already on them, such as “Superfish” on Lenovo computers a few years ago. It allows faster fixes when problems appear, since they only have to be tested on a… Read moreKeeping Apple Computers Safe

What Are Apple’s Biggest Security Threats?


A major appeal of using Apple products is that the threat of viruses and malware is vastly reduced as compared to other operating systems (particularly PCs running Windows). Apple’s “walled garden” approach to software distribution means that if you install software or an app, you have to do it through Apple’s internal systems, so you can be assured that they’ve thoroughly screened it for threats before allowing it to be hosted with them. That doesn’t mean Apple products are entirely free of security issues, of course. In recent years, malware has even found ways to creep onto Apple devices. While an Apple… Read moreWhat Are Apple’s Biggest Security Threats?