Changes are coming, September 20th. Are you ready?


With macOS Sierra due very soon we wanted to shed some light on a few things that comes with any operating system update. While new operating systems bring a slew a great new features it also brings with it a changes.

During every upgrade there are two major things al companies should keep in mind before they upgrade.

1. How will this upgrade effect our current workflow?
2. What security changes do we need to be aware of?

As in every major change, workflows are going to be effected. Every year third party software manufacturer need to upgrade their software to make it compatible with the latest operating system. If they don’t. things like your printers, other third party software, and accessories may no longer function.

Sierra brings along with it also changes to security. For example, a new feature allows you to automatically upload your desktop and documents to your personal iCloud. While this is a great feature for individual users, this can be a big security issue for businesses.

Being aware of these changes, as well as how they are going to effect your business, is a necessity before any employee upgrades. We are currently putting together security and software testing reports for our partner clients and are always happy to assist.

If you have any questions you can reach out to us by phone at 336-310-6622 or simply reply to this email.