Don’t pay tons of money, use CloudSync instead.

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Without a backup, the average data recovery will cost a person over $1,000. That means if you have zero backups and your hard drive was to die, you will be paying $1,000 at least to get all your pictures, movies, games, apps, and documents recovered and restored. We have seen this happen more than we would like. This is why we offer a service called CloudSync. CloudSync backs up your important data without you thinking about it. For $7.95/month, you have 2TBs of backup storage for up to 8 computers. That is essentially 11 years worth of CloudSync for what a singe data recovery costs. It is a great deal and great way to make sure you are protected from the worst case scenario. We all have insurance for our cars. Why not have it for our important computer data as well? Sign up today.